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My first memories of baking are making cookies on a Saturday night with my Mom so my Dad had freshly baked cookies when he got home from working an extra shift on the weekend.  I definitely got my love of baking from my Mom who was a great baker and loved trying new recipes and we loved being the first to try them!!

It wasn't until I was a teenager That I discovered my love for cake decorating.  My first job was at an ice cream shop and the more skilled taught me how to decorate the ice cream cakes and I loved it!  I never dreamt back then of a career in baking so set off to university to study business.  After university I started working at a cookie bakery as a summer job and it turned into years of learning about baking on a larger scale, but still handmade with all yummy ingredients you would make yourself.  

Finally in October 2000 with the help and support of my parents and friends I opened Simply Sweet and have loved what I do ever since.  I get to bake everyday and I have the pleasure to meet so many amazing people that have quickly turned from customer to friends.  I love them all!!!

Debbie Wise

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